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About Us

Since 1952, The Arc of Mercer County has been a leading provider of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our Mission

To provide advocacy and comprehensive support to persons with disabilities that empower them in all aspects of life.
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Our Organization

We are a 501(c)3, tax exempt, non-profit corporation dedicated to providing services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Governed by a Board of Directors, we are a chapter of The Arc of Pennsylvania and The Arc of the United States, the nation's largest volunteer-based organization devoted to issues affecting people with disabilities. As a member of these organizations, we provide unparalleled opportunities for those with disabilities, educate the public about disabilities and promote the betterment of services offered to those with disabilities. The Arc is the parent organization to a family of private, non-profit organizations. This family consists of MCAR, The Arc Foundation, MCRA and Fairfields, Inc.


provides a wide range of services to adults with disabilities


provides special needs planning resources for families while also supporting The Arc and MCAR through private and public donations, fundraisers and grant funding


provides transitional rehabilitative work for disabled individuals with occupationally related injuries


manages MCAR's rural property and homes

Executive Management

Lyndsey Vogan

Chief Executive


Atlasia Matthews

Chief Operating Officer

Brian Engelmore

Human Resource


Katie Bodien

IT Director

Michelle Kerr

Accounting Supervisor

Our History

Since its humble beginnings in 1952, The Arc of Mercer County has striven to advocate and provide services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Since 1952, our nonprofit organization has expanded to include not only educational opportunities, but also residential and vocational opportunities. 


in the spring of 1952, in Sharon, Pennsylvania a small group of mothers advocated for better education for their mentally disabled children


in June of 1952, these women were recognized by the Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Children as the Mercer County chapter


three months later opened a Day Care Training Center for young children with special needs, one of the first schools of its kind in northwest Pennsylvania


began offering services for young adults with disabilities and became known as the Mercer County Association for the Retarded


after initiating a Residential Program in 1971, MCAR opened its first group home for 12 women, the largest single facility MCAR has operated


opened its first small home for formally institutionalized individuals and continued opening homes until the middle of 1979


MCAR revised its structure into a family of nonprofit subsidiaries with the parent company established as The Arc of Mercer County


MCAR changed its name to MCAR, Inc. - it is no longer an acronym and its letters no longer stand for any words


today, The Arc of Mercer County and its subsidiaries are recognized as the largest, oldest and leading nonprofit organization in Mercer County serving families and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities


We provide unparalleled opportunities for employment, housing, older adult care, transitioning and vocational training. We also offer unconditional support through advocacy efforts and family services. 


Whether it's becoming a member or donating a monetary gift, help us raise awareness and create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There are a number of different ways to get involved with The Arc of Mercer County.


Help us continue to provide services that improve the quality of life for people with special needs. 

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