Work Opportunities

MCAR believes that a job gives a person purpose, dignity, and independence. Our job programs help people with disabilities become employed and earn a paycheck.

We have employment relationships with a number of area businesses. Some of these businesses hire MCAR and individuals with disabilities to do work for them.

MCAR's ready workforce does a variety of contract jobs, including small assembly work, bulk mail preparation, custom parts packaging or repackaging, and heat seal and shrink packaging. This paid work benefits individuals who might not otherwise be employed.

MCAR runs several on-site businesses where individuals can work and earn a paycheck. These include our Furniture Refinishing Shop, Pallet Shop, and custodial crew. Our Community Employment program helps individuals find jobs in the competitive workforce. We also arrange training internships at local businesses, and, when a company is looking to fill a position, we screen and provide qualified candidates.

MCAR understands how important having a job and a paycheck are to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are eager to help them reach their employment goals through our work opportunities.

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