Training Programs


At MCAR, we help people live fulfilling lives by helping them achieve their life goals. For many individuals with developmental disabilities, one of their goals is having a job. Our pre-vocation training program prepares them for future paid employment.

We offer a unique curriculum — the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) —developed specifically for people with different capabilities and skill levels. We start with a complete vocational assessment. We explore an individual’s interests and identify his skill levels. We then match his interests and skill levels to appropriate jobs in the workforce. In the assessment process, we determine how he learns and adapt our instruction methods to suit his needs. Our complete assessment, on-site training, and supervision make certain an individual has what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

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Adult Training

For some individuals, having a paid job is not a viable goal. These individuals may have significant intellectual and developmental disabilities or are unable to work. MCAR's offers them a stimulating and encouraging program of life skills training. This program emphasizes independence, inclusion, individualization, and an everyday life. We help these individuals live up to their potential and to celebrate their unique talents.

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Students who are transitioning from high school to life after graduation need guidance and encouragement, direction and support. At MCAR, we work with schools, students, and families to help make a student's move from school to life in the community as an adult as easy and as smooth as possible.

MCAR's transitioning program shows students how to develop goals, make informed decisions, solve problems, and advocate for themselves. They participate in outcome-oriented activities that result in greater confidence, self-esteem, and independence. Many transitioning students use the PAES curriculum to gain work skills.

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