Onsite Pharmacy

MCAR offers families, individuals, Life Sharing providers, group home residents, and staff the option to receive medications from our onsite pharmacy. Operated by PDC Pharmacy, a subsidiary of Passavant Memorial Homes, this pharmacy specializes in dealing with the medication needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

PDC Pharmacy provides convenient, low cost, and high quality services that are tailored to meet the needs of people with intellectual disabilities. PDC Pharmacy employs staff that are knowledgeable about the specific regulations governing medication administration for this population. The onsite pharmacist is familiar with labeling, packaging, dispensing, delivery, and billing specific to medications for people with intellectual disabilities.

Having an onsite pharmacy offers families easy access to prescriptions at a convenient location. PDC Pharmacy provides improved quality of pharmacy services over regular pharmacies because its services are focused on the medication needs of people with intellectual disabilities. A pharmacist is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most important, PDC Pharmacy provides timely deliveries with virtually no medical errors.

For more information about MCAR’s onsite pharmacy, contact our Nursing Supervisor at 724-981-2950 x 236 or the PDC pharmacist at 724-704-7290.

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