Older Adult Day Center

MCAR’s Older Adult Day Center helps older adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities enjoy more active, productive, and rewarding lives. This Center offers services to individuals age 59 and older, allowing them to transition from the workplace and work-related activities to retirement and senior-living activities.

The mission of our Older Adult Day Center, in addition to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of seniors includes:

  • Improve the quality of life of older individuals with functional impairments
  • Provide respite for caregivers and clients
  • Provide opportunities for community-based activities and habilitation
  • Promote an individual’s functioning to the fullest extent of his/her ability.

Licensed by the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs and the Office of Aging, our Center promotes personal growth, and improves and maintains an individual’s functional level. We provide personal and nutritional care, and offer activities that help individuals learn new skills, develop new relationships, and improve their physical and emotional well-being. We also offer individuals a variety of ways to express their creativity and imagination.

MCAR's Older Adult Day Center has a nurse on duty at all times. Every month, each person is given a check-up to monitor blood pressure, weight, and the condition of his/her feet. Staff assist individuals with daily hygiene needs as a way to encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Older Adult Day Center features a comfortable lounge area with large screen TV; a computer area with a number of internet-accessible, touch-screen computers; kitchen and dining facilities; and an area for crafts and other special projects.

Like other retirees, individuals attending our Older Adult Day Center choose the activities they want to do, whether it is watching TV, playing games, working on puzzles or the computer, going out to lunch, ordering lunch in, going shopping, or simply relaxing.

For more information, contact our CPS Program Director at 724-981-2950 x 207.

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