Medical Care Homes

MCAR owns and operates three group homes that are designated as medical homes. These are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with nurses and specially trained direct care workers. Our nurses and staff are equipped to handle the age-related health issues associated with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This medical home option means that individuals are able to remain in MCAR's residential program throughout their lives. In the past as an individual's medical needs increased, a nursing home placement would have been recommended. With our medical home option, we are able to provide services to meet an individual's increasing medical demands.

For many medically fragile individuals, our medical homes offer better care than nursing homes because:

  • We specialize in caring for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and are experienced in handling their special health issues.
  • Our staff-to-patient ratio is 2:4, so we provide more detailed care and attention.
  • We offer a more homelike environment in single-family homes with only four individuals, who each have a private bedroom.
  • We encourage individuals to maintain their independence and daily living activities as much as and as long as possible (e.g., toileting, dressing, socializing).

For more information, contact our Administrator of Residential Services at 724-981-2950 x 242.

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