Life Sharing

MCAR’s Life Sharing program, also known as Family Living, reflects the diversity of living arrangements we offer. This program offers a way for an individual to live with and become part of a family unit. An Individual must want to become an active, participating member of the family and the community in which the family lives.

Matching an individual with the right family is critical to the success of the Life Sharing program. Families are carefully screened and their homes inspected to make certain that state regulations are met. Families or a single person choosing to open their home and hearts to an individual must consider the individual’s need and preferences. The family must understand and commit to the changes to their lifestyle. And they must be willing to provide security, support, guidance, and love.

The goal of Life Sharing is to enrich the lives of both the family and the individual through participation in the everyday life of the family and of the community. This residential option offers an individual with disabilities both a place to live as well as a close family relationship where his needs and wants for an everyday life are supported.

For more information, contact our Administrator of Residential Services at 724-981-2950 x 242.

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