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The Arc of Mercer County
850 North Hermitage Road
Hermitage, PA 16148

Main Phone: 724-981-2950
Fax: 724-981-1877

All staff can be reached using our main telephone number and the following extensions.

The Arc of Mercer County/MCAR Administration Department

Ext. 208 Chief Executive Officer, Diane O’Rourke
Ext. 213 Chief Personnel Office, Christopher Paladino
Ext. 244 Chief Operating Officer, Shirl Meyers
Ext. 210 Chief Financial Officer, Lyndsey Vogan
Ext. 219 Chief Compliance Officer, Brian Engelmore
Ext. 245 Executive Secretary, Sheila Reiber
Ext. 215 Facility Manager, Jim O'Rourke

The Arc of Mercer County Advocacy Program

Ext. 207 Education Advocate, Darin Vadala

The Arc of Mercer County Foundation

Ext. 208 Chief Executive Officer, Diane O'Rourke

The Arc of Mercer County/MCAR Fiscal Department

Ext. 210 Chief Financial Officer, Lyndsey Vogan     
Ext. 263 Director of Information Technology, Katie Bodien
Ext. 264 Fiscal Assistant/Accounts Receivable, Kim Watson
Ext. 211 Accounts Payable, Sandy Heini
Ext. 212 Budget Analyst/Payroll/Purchasing, Susan Farrand
Ext. 216 Fiscal Assistant/Residential Finances, Jolene Williams
Ext. 206 Billing Specialist, Kelley Dorus

MCAR Day Services

Ext. 207 CPS Program Director, Darin Vadala
Ext. 217 CPS Program Supervisor, Tracey Peterson-Banks
Ext. 268 CPS Program Supervisor, Melissa Beveridge
Ext. 233 CPS Program Supervisor, Kamala Sham
Ext. 255 CPS Program Supervisor, Justin Sims

MCAR Employment Services

Ext. 221 Operations Manager, Jimmy O’Rourke
Ext. 234 Case Manager of Community Employment, Brittany Novotniak
Ext. 209 Training & Assessment Coordinator, Charlene Ramage
Ext. 222 Assistant Production Manager, Dave Farrand
Ext. 246 Employment Specialist, Stan Kennedy

MCAR Family and Community Services

Ext. 241 Habilitation Aide Coordinator, Shirley Riffle
Ext. 243 Hab Aide Specialist, Ryan Maurice
Ext. 248 Hab Aide Assistant, Angela McMath
Ext. 241 Agency with Choice, Shirley Riffle

MCAR Furniture Refinishing Shop

Ext. 222 Assistant Production Manager, Dave Farrand

MCAR Human Resources

Ext. 213 Chief Personnel Officer, Christopher Paladino
Ext. 250 People Trainer, Dave Bodien
Ext. 203 Personnel Assistant, Gary Fleming

MCAR Nursing Department

Ext. 236 Nursing Supervisor, Jessica Beighley

MCAR Activities

Ext. 241 Bowling, Shirley Riffle

MCAR Residential Services

Ext. 242 Administrator of Residential Services, Heather DeMuth
Ext. 239 Clinical Director, Gail Martin
Ext. 270 Residential Program Supervisor, Anthony Durkin
Ext. 271 Residential Program Supervisor, Douglas Blazer
Ext. 272 Residential Program Supervisor, Atlasia Matthews
Ext. 273 Residential Program Supervisor, Paula Resele
Ext. 274 Family Living Specialist, Heriberto Munoz
Ext. 275 Residential Program Supervisor, Elizabeth Palumbo



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