Community Employment

MCAR’s Community Employment program helps an individual with disabilities find the job he wants in the community. We serve as the bridge to successful job placement.

We use a three-step approach to finding a job in the community. First, we help an individual define his capabilities and job interests. Second, we work with the individual to build solid, job-specific skills. This may involve using MCAR’s Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) curriculum to develop job skills or using MCAR’s internship program to learn skills on-the-job in an unpaid position.

Third, we coach the individual through all stages of job seeking, including finding job leads, making employer contacts, creating a resume, filling out applications, and interviewing. In many cases, a job coach supervises an individual following job placement to ensure long-term success.

As a stepping-stone to paid employment, our Community Employment program prepares, supports, and supervises individuals with disabilities to work in an integrated adult work environment. Our goal is to help an individual become successfully employed, live as independently as possible, and enjoy a meaningful, secure future.

For more information, contact our Community Employment Director at 724-981-2950 x 209.

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